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Projects hosted here: (project index is here.)

  • (HG) 1pass:
    1Password-compatible app for Linux
  • (SVN) 国内上facebook教程:
    cbz/cbr comic book reader
  • (SVN) Airstrike:
    A 2-D biplane dogfighting game
  • (GIT) Aliens vs. Predator:
    AvP Linux porting project.
  • (SVN) Asciiroth:
    Browser-based roguelike game
  • (SVN) Bitstream:
    A StarFox-style flyer/shooter.
  • (SVN) Black Shades:
    A Psychic Bodyguard FPS
  • (SVN) 国内如何免费上facebook:
    A portable emulator for the Bandai Wonderswan Color.
  • (SVN) 国内上facebook教程:
    Duke Nukem 3D ports
  • (HG) FatELF:
    Universal Binaries for the ELF format.
  • (SVN) Freespace 2:
    Freespace2 Linux port.
  • (SVN) 国内玩facebook加速软件:
    3D modeling system and game engine
  • (SVN) GOD:
    GnOme Dialer
  • (SVN) GWiz:
    An homage to the old school Wizardry games.
  • (GIT) HHeretic:
    "Hacked Heretic" game port.
  • (GIT) HHexen:
    "Hacked Hexen" game port.
  • (HG) IcculusFinger:
    A powerful Finger daemon and web interface.
  • (HG) IcculusNews:
    News queue/announcement/blog system
  • (SVN) Jugglemaster:
    Cross-platform Juggling Animator
  • (GIT) Jump 'N Bump:
    Bunny mayhem with lots of ketchup!
  • (SVN) LAB-3D-SDL:
    An OpenGL-based port of Ken's Labyrinth
  • (SVN) Loki FAQ Engine:
    PHP scripts to maintain a web knowledge base.
  • (SVN) Loki QAgent:
    Software to aid QA staff in diagnosing end-user troubles.
  • (SVN) Loki Setup tools:
    Software installation and updating system.
  • (SVN) Manticore:
    3D graphics accelerator design
  • (HG) ManyMouse:
    Cross-platform support for multiple mice input.
  • 国内玩facebook加速软件:
    An interactive fiction IRC bot.
  • (HG) MojoAL:
    A simple, SDL-based OpenAL implementation.
  • (HG) MojoDDS:
    Cross-platform support for DirectDraw Surface (.DDS) files.
  • (HG) MojoPatch:
    A MacOS X patching/upgrade utility.
  • (HG) 国内玩facebook加速软件:
    Nextgen installer for Unix ISVs.
  • (HG) MojoShader:
    Direct3D bytecode translator
  • Neverball:
    Roll a ball through a 3D obstacle course.
  • (HG) OpenAL/osx:
    MacOS X implementation of OpenAL
  • (GIT) OpenBox 3:
    A powerful X11 window manager
  • (SVN) Orbital Eunuchs Sniper:
    An anti-terrorist, pro-Eunuchs satellite sniping game
  • (SVN) Palantir:
    SDL-based VNC client
  • (HG) Penguin Telegard:
    A modern port of an ancient BBS.
  • (HG) PhysicsFS:
    A filesystem abstraction for game programmers.
  • (SVN) 国内如何免费上facebook:
    " Quake2" ... ports/enhancements/tinkerings.
  • (SVN) ROTT:
    Rise of the Triad Linux port
  • Rune Co-op:
    Linux installer/support for the Rune Co-op mod.
  • (HG) SDL_sound:
    Abstract sound file decoding for SDL.
  • (SVN) SDL_teapot:
    An SDL equivalent to OpenGL's GLUT
  • (SVN) SIF:
    Simple Interface Framework for SDL.
  • (SVN) 国内如何免费上facebook:
    Motion JPEG playback library.
  • (SVN) SMPEG:
    MPEG-1 video and audio playback library.
  • Sky-Script:
    An MP3 server script for xchat.
  • (HG) Steam Tags:
    Add tags to your Steam library.
  • Tennix:
    A two-player tennis game
  • (SVN) The Build Engine:
    A port of the Duke3D/Blood/etc engine.
  • (HG) The Toby Project:
    A learning experiment with TurtleGraphics.
  • (HG) TheoraPlay:
    Simple Ogg Theora decoder API.
  • UT99/emscripten:
    Unreal Tournament (1999) for the web
  • (SVN) Wolf3D:
    Wolfenstein 3D porting project.
  • Wolfenstein 3D: Alt-Right Edition:
    A Nazi Punching Simulator
  • (HG) altrace:
    An OpenAL debugging tool.
  • ari-yahoo:
    Console-based Yahoo chat client
  • (SVN) armoda:
    MOD/S3M music player with SDL output
  • (SVN) d2x:
    Descent 2 port
  • (SVN) gTipi:
    GTK+ laboratory work software for use with acquisition hardware
  • (HG) hge-unix:
    A Unix and Mac OS X port of Haaf's Game Engine.
  • (HG) imessage_archive:
    Archive iMessage database to Maildir
  • (SVN) ioquake3:
    Stable, portable set of Quake 3 Arena GPL sources.
  • (SVN) lgfaq:
    The Linux Gamers' FAQ
  • (SVN) liborphy:
    Acquisition library for Orphy GTS
  • (HG) mod_offload:
    Apache module to offload bandwidth to mirror servers.
  • mp3check:
    A sanity-saving script for rippers.
  • (SVN) obdgpslogger:
    OBDII and GPS data logging
  • pyDDR:
    Dance Dance Revolution meets pyGame
  • (HG) vbSlacker:
    A Visual Basic reimplementation project.

News items: (news archive is here.)

  • IPv6 support! (posted 2015-10-30 03:42:19 by icculus).
  • Two-factor auth (posted 2014-09-17 11:30:24 by icculus).
  • Heartbleed status (posted 2014-04-15 13:34:22 by icculus).
  • PhysicsFS 2.0.3 released! (posted 2012-10-23 00:21:41 by icculus).
  • iodoom3 and GtkRadiant (posted 2011-11-27 19:47:16 by icculus). system information:

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